Government policy and manifesto "In defense of fundamental rights on the Internet"

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Government policy and manifesto "In defense of fundamental rights on the Internet"

From these pages we want join the manifesto published throughout the network in defense of fundamental rights on the Internet.

This blog has been published for many years, since 2004, and in the space of these years if we have verified something clearly it is the systematic delay and clumsiness of the policies related to the development of the information society in Spain.

Let us briefly recall:

1. In the early days of the Internet taking off, nonsense pfirst government plan, Info XXI.
2. The regulation of, comparable only in the world to a country like Bolivia.
3. The permissiveness of operators and providers of broadband to keep prices high higher than almost all advanced countries ... Or restrictions on the advancement of cities and wifi spaces.
4. The null take of reference to take advantage of the weight of Spanish on the web (compared to German, French, Italian ...) as the basis for an active strategy in the development of the information society.
5. The yountitude and inertia in the application of e-administration or let's not say administration 2.0, absolutely non-existent.

6. The implementation and application of the digital canon.
7. The delays in incorporating the new resources derived from the digital revolution into the educational world.
8. The weak presence of Spanish companies benchmark in the global Internet world
9. The lack of a digital culture in the company and the government's inability to implement active policies that encourage innovative and competitive processes. Here we must place the absolutely protectionist position of the most affected industries (cinema, music, books ... and in the immediate future: press, etc.)
10. The nonsense, misguided and ridiculous improviser of the Spanish government when placing the freedom of expression on the internet in a vulnerable position.

We are not facing an isolated event, but rather a trajectory that has led this country, a few years ago, to be at the bottom of Europe in the development indicators of the information society in Spain. Therefore, we are not surprised by this government initiative ...

The most valuable, remarkable and commendable thing has been the reaction of the network, demonstrating its strength and mobilization capacity. And perhaps this is the largest and best resource for the Internet in Spain to acquire the dimension that corresponds to it in its own right.

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