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Imec launches an Advanced Metrology Solutions Center

Imec has officially launched the Center for Advanced Metrology Solutions (CAMS). This center draws on Imec's extensive experience to provide a high-quality commercial service for SSRM (Scanning Spreading Resistance Microscopy) microscopy and a wide range of products and solutions to enable and facilitate electrical measurements of atomic force microscopy.

SSRM microscopy - a technique invented at Imec - is a technique based on electrical atomic force microscopy (AFM) that provides high resolution quantitative transport distributions in 1D, 2D and 3D semiconductor structures, such as thin films, solar cells, MOSFETs, FinFETs, TFETs, etc. Recent advancements in resolution and extension to other semiconductor materials (SiGe, Ge, InGaAs, INP, etc.) have generated a strong and growing interest in the semiconductor community for the characterization of advanced structures. To allow the entire community to benefit from these advancements, Imec now offers a commercial SSRM service to external customers through its newly created Advanced Metrology Solutions Center.


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