Google's Loon project travels the globe in 22 days

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Google's Project Loon crosses the globe in less than a month

Google's Project Loon, an initiative to bring Internet connectivity to more remote areas using a network of hot air balloons, has achieved an impressive achievement: going around the world in just 22 days. It was made by one of the project's test balloons, despite the team's estimates that it would take around 33 days to complete the tour.

This particular prototype balloon is the latest in a series of revisions designed to put several different aspects of its design to the test. According to the Project Loon page on Google+, the prototype featured an improved air pump that has made it more adept at handling the high-wind weather systems encountered along the way and helped speed up its journey.

Both Google and Facebook have ambitious plans to bring the internet to more people, but while Zuck's vision involves drones with lasers, Google has turned to a retro-futuristic vision with its hot air balloon network. Of course, none of these initiatives is entirely altruistic; more Internet means more users for both companies.


Video: Google Project Loon Balloon Spotted over Barbados


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