Global investment in Nanotechnology

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According to a report published by Lux Research, total investment in the Nanotechnology sector worldwide will exceed $ 8.6 trillion in 2004.

Of these investments, the public sector will have contributed $ 4.6 trillion dollars. These $ 4.6 trillion of public funds allocated to nanotechnology are distributed by regions in the world as follows:

  • United States - $ 1.6 trillion (35%)
  • Asia - $ 1.6 trillion (35%)
  • Europe - $ 1.3 trillion (28%)
  • Rest of the world - $ 133 million (2%)

On the other hand, the private sector will spend about $ 3.8 billion dollars on nanotechnology research and development during 2004. This spending is distributed by region as follows:

  • North American companies - $ 1.7 trillion (46%)
  • Asian companies - $ 1.4 trillion (36%)
  • European companies - $ 650 million (17%)
  • Companies from other regions - $ 40 million (less than 1%)

According to the report, in 2004 despite a reduction in venture capital investments in the nanotechnology sector, a total of 1,500 companies announced their intention to implement strategies related to nanotechnology.

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