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Alphabet to print uppercase

Download and print for free this sheet with the alphabet to help children learn letters, visual reinforcement will help them identify and recognize letters.

If your child is learning the letters they usually start with capital letters, it is easier for them to identify them because they are more straight and are separated from each other.

Some ideas to help children learn the letters of the alphabet:

  • Associate letters and colors: If you already know the colors, it can be an original and fun way to identify the letters with the color of which they are painted. We can play with them to form words saying the colors, for example: If we want to put "Dad" we can say: Light green + Dark green + Light green + Dark green ... And so they search until they form the word ...
  • Match words that begin with letters. You can play to find things and objects that have that letter and that color… for example: With the “L” in gray… “moon”; with the pink "B" ... "kiss" and thus learn a word associating the initial and the color. We invite you to buy more games with letters, words and colors on this site to continue learning together.

To download and print this alphabet for free, click on the image or on the following link:

  • Download alphabet

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