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Baptism in the Catholic Church is the sacrament that frees us from original sin, in Christianity in general it is the act of making us participants in the death and resurrection of Christ and integrating ourselves into the church. These are Baptism phrases.


Today my life begins as a child of God, I want to share the joy of being heir to heaven.

We thank you Lord for being able to celebrate the baptism of our dear son.

A choir of angels sings in heaven because today our son receives the sacrament of baptism.

My Jesus, today that I receive you for the first time, be my teacher and my guide in all my walk through life.

May the grace and love of God lead the life of our son who today receives the sacrament of baptism.

We celebrate the love of God and his blessing in my life, the beginning of my life as part of the church and as an example of life in Christ.

Today we celebrate the birth of our son into the Christian life, join us on this special day.

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