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Facebook presents Docs, an application based on Microsoft's Office Web

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of the company, announced Docs at Facebook's F8 developer conference, stating that it "includes the full power of Microsoft's Office suite online with easy Facebook integration."
Facebook users will be able to create, edit, and share Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents online, or upload them from their PC or Mac. In fact, Microsoft based document sharing on Facebook's photo-sharing system.

The beta version of Facebook Docs is based on the Microsoft Office 2010 web application suite and Microsoft's Fuse Labs worked to connect it with Facebook. Fuse comes from "Future Social Experiences" (future social experiences). More information and demo videos can be viewed on his blog at docs.com/

Obviously, Facebook users will benefit from the ability to create and share documents, although this feature is much more likely to appeal to students than businesses. For its part, Microsoft will benefit by gaining up to 400 million users for its online applications. This, in principle, should ensure you a good start in the inevitable competition with Google Docs.
Facebook Docs is still in beta, so it's still unclear how many tools it will offer. However, Microsoft's suite of web applications is more powerful than Google Docs and has the advantage of maintaining compatibility with the desktop version of Microsoft Office.

In the short term, the collaboration will help both companies compete with Google. They have come together, in part, to confront a common enemy; however, both have far greater ambitions.

Source: Guardian Technology

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