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There are many kinds of jokes, as there are tastes. These are funny jokes to have a little fun.


  • Mom, Mom! The noodles are sticking! - Let them kill themselves!
  • They are two drunks in a bar and one says to the other: - Do not drink more than you are becoming blurred.
  • - What do sheep count to sleep? Humans?
  • A drunk man sitting on a curb. A policeman passes by and says - what are you doing there? The drunkard answers: -Well, if it is true that the earth turns, my house will not take long to pass
  • - Policeman! Two girls are fighting for me.- And what is the problem?, - Is that the ugly one is winning.
  • A man goes to a town and says to another man: -Do they have any black animals in this town? No, -I ran then I ran over the priest
  • Tell me: -What is the reason you want to divorce your husband? -My husband treats me like a dog. -Does he abuse her, hit her? -Noooo, the very fool wants me to be faithful.
  • Why should no noise be made in the church? -Because there are many people sleeping.
  • A couple was talking: - My love, do you believe in love at first sight? - Sure! If I had looked at you twice I would not have married.
  • This was such an ugly girl, so ugly but so ugly, that when she went to a mask store they only gave her the rubber band.
  • Why do dogs drool? -Because they don't know how to spit.
  • What does a louse say to a bald man? -Don't bend over I'm falling.
  • A man enters his friend's garden and sees a sign that says "Beware of the dog", when the door opens a tiny dog ​​comes out. Then he goes to his friend and asks him, But why are you putting up that sign if the dog is so small that it can't even open its mouth? -Yes, he says, but you don't know how many times they have stepped on me.
  • This is a drunk who gets on a bus and runs into a Jehovah's Witness: -You are going straight to hell! -Joo! I've made the wrong bus again

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