Horoscope Aquarium 2020

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Aquarius Love 2020

2017 is a tough year for the love of a couple. 3 eclipses will take place during the year, as we have already mentioned in the introduction (11 lunar February 26 solar February, 21 solar August).

These eclipses will directly affect love and the relationship. All the dirty laundry in the relationship will be exposed, things will be thrown at each other and ultimatums will be presented. If, on the other hand, they are a very consolidated relationship without problems, and they are doing very well, they will overcome it, although applying some relational changes. But if their relationship is bad, they could end in divorce or breaking up. Those who have a boyfriend / girlfriend could be engaged in marriage (not marry). If they are single they will be in high demand and could go out with several people during the year.

Aquarium Home and Family 2020

Your family life is going to be very quiet. You might even get bored. Dedicate yourself to rest, read, see friends and enjoy the tranquility of home. It will be a period of reflection, to analyze the family, their house, see what improvements could be made. You will want to beautify your home and may start shopping convulsively. You could also move house. Think and then buy. His parents could move house from October and have a lot of social life. The children will have one year without changes.

Aquarius Friendship and Social Life 2020

They will make more social life than usual, but in a more selective way. You will choose who you want to be with and do more group activities. You love this and you are going to be people, who are in the same altruistic tendency and participate in the same humanitarian aid activities. You could also make friends within your group of Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, Musicosophy ...

Aquarius 2020: Money, Work, Education

Aquarius Money 2020

As in the profession, It will no longer be enough to earn a lot of money, but it will seek a spiritual sense. But the truth is that it will be a very prosperous year. He's on a roll. After April 29, they will start to earn money and from October, a lot ... This and next year money will rain on them. They will participate in humanitarian actions through financial contributions.

Aquarius Work 2020

It will be a very important year for your professional life. It is no longer important to succeed to earn money, but you will want to find a spiritual and idealistic meaning to professional success. It will be a year in which he will be showered with professional recognition for his worth and the results of his work.

You could get a promotion and raise your salary. A friend might recommend you to a management position and you might change jobs.

Aquarium Education-Studies 2020

Students will be very successful this year. University students will be admitted to the University they want. They will be very lucky in everything they do during their school year. If they are adults and they want to retrain, expand their studies, they will do it successfully too and could go to study abroad.

Aquarius 2020: Health

Health will be great and the energies will be at their peak, with which they will feel strong enough to face everything and they will have plenty. Their ability to work and to do activities with family or friends will be at the service of all. They will have so much force that they will drag everyone down. They will only experience moments of less energy, but by resting a little they will solve it. Its weakest points will be: the stomach, although eating slowly and savoring the food will not be a problem; the ankles and legs, for which a good massage fixes it. Detox diets would be advisable to cleanse the body. Always do it when the Moon is in the waning phase.

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