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Chantal is a feminine name, derived from the old Norman, from the name Cantal a French population in the department of Saône et Loire, if you mean "stone or landmark"

History and the Saint

Saint Joan of Chantal, religious and mystical. She was born in Dijón, France in 1572, her full name was Juana Frances Frèmyot de Chantal. Her Catholic family belongs to the French aristocracy, in the year 1592 she married the baron Chantal, Christophe de Rabutin. Widowed when she was 28 years old and left in charge of four children, guided by Francisco de Sales her Christian vocation grew. He was noted for his charity towards the sick and poor; he founded in Annecy the Order of the Visitation or the Salesas, which spread with various religious distributions throughout France. She was canonized by Pope Clement XIII in 1767.
His name day is celebrated on August 21.

Variant of Chantal:

Chantal variant Sing.
in other languages, French and Italian:Chantal.

Famous, famous historical figures by the name of Chantal:

  • Chantal maillard, was born in Brussels, Belgium in 1951, PhD in philosophy and poet; among his works: "Blue in D-minor", from 1982 or"The other side"from 1990.

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