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We have all gone through the painful experience of having an impossible love, no matter the reason why it is, the pain of not having it is the same. For all of us who have suffered, these phrases of a impossible love.

Whenever I talk to you I end up dying a little more. -Frida Kahlo

Theme: Love, pain.


It hurts to have a person next to you, without being able to have them in your heart

Theme: Impossible love.


You are like a star, my eyes can see you, but my hands can never touch you.

Theme: Love, unreachable.


It is as impossible to fan the fire with snow, as to put out the fire of love with words.

Theme: Love, sadness.


Love is so short ... And oblivion is so long.

Theme: Love, Oblivion.


Why did it occur to me to love you if I know I can't have you?

Theme: Love, suffering.


Why do I have to shut up what my heart feels for you?

Theme: Love, silence.


There are no impossible loves, it is that your eyes did not see the one indicated.

Theme: Love, mistakes.


They say that time heals everything, but since I fell in love with you, time froze.

Theme: Love, time.


If I were given a choice between you and my world, I would choose my world. Because my world is you.

Theme: Love, Choice


My heart tells me that you are mine, but your look tells me otherwise.

Theme: Heart, look.


Why did it occur to me to love you if I know I can't have you?

Theme: Unrequited love


Try to escape whatever separates you from me.

Theme: Love, separation.


I still like you, even if it is an impossible dawn.

Theme: Impossible Loves

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