Collaboration between Rusnano and Nearmedic Plus

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RUSNANO and NEARMEDIC PLUS will create a new Nanomedicine production plant

RUSNANO and NEARMEDIC PLUS will establish a pharmaceutical factory to manufacture original nanomedicines from the family of polymeric drugs, which are undergoing rapid development today. The manufacturing facilities will be in Obninsk, in the Kaluga oblast. Production of the nanomedicines is scheduled to start in late 2013.

NEARMEDIC's production of pharmaceutical products will be based on Kagocel®, a proprietary antiviral commercially available and approved in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

Kagocel is a compound of an active gossypol molecule of plant origin with a nano-sized polymer.

“The segment of antiviral medicines is the one that is growing most dynamically in the Russian market for pharmaceutical products,” said RUSNANO Director Olga Shpichko. "The project will facilitate product expansion of this promising antiviral drug developed by Russian scientists."


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