What does the world smell like? 16 Cities with their own and characteristic smell

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Surely you have been walking through a city and, suddenly, you perceive an aroma that you do not recognize, that you had not smelled before.

From that moment, irremediably, that aroma will remind you of that moment and that place all your life.

What do cities around the world smell like?

After a lot of traveling, and sharing experiences with other travelers, we have taken 16 scents from different cities around the world ... do you want to travel (olfactory) with us?

1. Aroma of orange blossom in Seville (Spain)

Seville is a true wonder. The people, the buildings, the horse carts a few steps from the cathedral, the wonderful food ...

But there is nothing like walking on the banks of the Guadalquivir with the smell of orange blossom that sprouts from the more than 40,000 orange trees that are distributed by all the corners of the city, it is a real pleasure.

2. Leather in Fez (Morocco)

Moroccan skin, in particular leather produced inFez, it has been considered one of the best in the world for centuries. Furthermore, there is a type of leather, which is simply known by the name ofMorocco.

The process begins by skinning the animal and then tanning and dyeing the skins in four phases. The indescribable stench that the whole process gives off ... it is mixed with the mint leaves that the cooperative guides distribute to tourists.

They say that in winter it does not smell, coinciding with the rainy season ... It smells less, but it smells.

3. Croissant in Paris (France)

As soon as you set foot on any Parisian street you will notice it.

And is that the buttery smell of freshly baked croissants and bagettes They will make you want to enter the typical "boulangerie" and take EVERYTHING with you.

4. Aroma of coffee in Quindío (Colombia)

El Quindío is one of the cities that are part of the coffee triangle. It is one of the places where the aroma of coffee, the happiness of the people, its coffee farms and its wide variety of natural parks mix to brighten your life.

Of all the things you can do in El Quindío, you cannot miss "El Parque Nacional del Café" while enjoying a delicious and fragrant freshly brewed coffee.

5. Lavender fields in Provence (France)

When we talk about the aromas of Provence, we cannot forget those herbs that grow in every corner of the region: thyme, bay leaf, rosemary, oregano, marjoram ...

But during theflowering time of lavender (June July), this aroma surprises the traveler with intensity. The same thing happens in mid-July, when the harvest season begins, those seductive aromas of the lavender fields permeate all of Provence.

6. Spices in Istanbul (Turkey)

Of all the things you will remember after visiting this wonderful city, The delicious smell of spices will stand out above all.

And if there is a place (well, two) where you can enjoy this, It is in the Spice Bazaar and in the Grand Bazaar. Walking its interior streets is a gift for the eyes and its aromas will transport you to another era.

The shopkeepers are very friendly and will not hesitate to offer you the well-known apple tea so that you can stay for a while to chat with them while they sell you millions of things, which you probably don't even need. Warning: Don't forget to haggle NEVER

7. Mezcal in Oaxaca (Mexico)

Although it is the quintessential drink of Mexico (above tequila) and is produced throughout the country, It is in the central valleys of Oaxaca where you can discover all the aromas of this famous drink.

A mixture of wood, smoke, herbs, wet earth ... and that will also put you in a good mood, since it is considered "Miraculous drink that cures all ills", from chickenpox to lovesickness, as it contains a high degree of alcohol.

Because as the Popular saying already says:“For all bad mezcal. For all good, too "

8. Hot chocolate in Lugano (Switzerland)

It is walking through one of the narrow streets of the city center and the smell of hot chocolate shakes you. So much so that you will need to stop to taste it.

I strongly advise you to do it at the Grand Café Al Porto, open since 1803. You can also go to the store right in front where they sell you chocolate by weight and it is the best you will ever taste.

9. Tea in Nuwara Eliya (Sri Lanka)

On a teardrop-shaped island in southern India, formerly known as Ceylon (todaySri Lanka), the best tea in the world is grown.

There is a train that runs between the mountains of Nuwara Eliya and Ella, where you can smell the tea, as you traverse acres and acres of green plantations.

If you finish the route in one of its factories, besides learning a lot, the smell of dry tea will be something you will remember all your life, in addition to the delicious taste.

10. Barley in Edinburgh (Scotland)

Many years ago Edinburgh was dubbed "the smoky old woman" or "the stinky one" as smoke escaped from its chimneys that blackened the entire city.

Although the city no longer blackens, smoke continues to rise from its chimneys, but with a different smell reminiscent of fresh bread or yeast.

This cereal aroma comes from the malt and barley used in breweries. Due to the beer tradition that the city has, in some hours in particular, the aroma is excessively penetrating.

11. Curry in New Delhi (India)

The general smell of the city is somewhat indefinable. A mixture of many things, some nice and some not so much. But walking through New Delhi can become quite an olfactory experience, in which the smells fluctuate depending on where you move.

By if there is something that stands out from all the other smells, it is that of food, and that of curry in particular. India is Masala (a mixture of spices) and you will notice it every step you take through this impressive country.

12. Smog (toxic fog) in Santiago (Chile)

A haze with shades of gray and brown is part of the landscape habitual of one of the most important cities in Latin America. And it is not only the color, it is the feeling of overwhelm and suffocation that you feel when you breathe.

So much so that every two by three there is an environmental emergency alert, forbidding people to do any kind of physical exercise.

Only when it rains is when you can admire the mountains, the landscape and the beautiful nature that this wonderful city hides. And Breathe, since the smell is much purer.

13. Mulled wine in Munich (Germany)

In the winter time, multitudes of Christmas markets take place in different parts of the city, all of them with a multitude of very strong food to face the cold.

But the smell of mulled wine stands out above all else. It is a recipe that, in addition to wine, contains cinnamon, cardamom, anise, cloves, nutmeg…. Tasting it will be a pleasure for your body (because you will warm up) and for all your senses.

14. Incense in Muscat (Oman)

Before petroleum was discovered, incense was the main source of wealth for the entire country.The best incense always came from this forbidden kingdom, just like the heroes of The Thousand and One Nights.

Today, in a place where everything has changed and that tradition is interspersed with illuminated roads and innovative infrastructure, the aroma of incense that comes from all the trees in the country continues to be perceived.

15. Food (of all kinds) in New York (USA)

If you visit New York, your nose will enjoy an indescribable variety of smells. But if there is something that stands out above all, it is food (junk).

In the Big Apple you can find stalls, on every corner, with all kinds of junk food: hot dogs, pretzels, Kebap, tacos, falafel, caramelised fruits, roasted chestnuts ...

That is, a concoction of food from all over the world, with its typical smells, which will not leave you indifferent at all (and If you are not used to it, you may even lose your appetite).

16. Vanilla in Antananarivo (Madagascar)

Of all the things that you can enjoy in Madagascar, the aroma of Vanilla, more popularly known as Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, will be something you will remember for life, and that is for somethingThis country is one of the largest vanilla producers in the world.

The intoxicating aroma will accompany your entire tour of the island, but you will get to enjoy it more when you can buy it in their markets.

Have you been able to enjoy any of these aromas / cities? What does your city or the cities you have visited smell like? Tell us and we will add the best experiences to the post

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