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Daffodil, masculine name of Greek origin "Narkis-sos", its meaning is "He who produces drowsiness"refers to the strong aroma of the flower.

History and the Saint

San Narciso, Bishop of Gerona. Saint Narcissus, Bishop of GeronaDuring Diocletian's persecution he had to flee to Ausgsburg, where he made numerous conversions. Then together with the deacon Felix he went to Gerona, he was appointed bishop of Gerona where he served for three years, until he was martyred together with the deacon Felix in the year 307.

Patron of Gerona. His Saint is celebrated on October 29.

Saint Narcissus, Bishop of Jerusalem, very long lived to be 116 years old in the second century. His birth occurred before the total disappearance of the apostles, he was the third bishop of the city of Jerusalem. He presided over a Council on the discussion of Passover (195), establishing that it should be celebrated on Sunday, and not the day on which the Jews commemorated it.
His Saint is celebrated on October 29.

Other Saints Narcissus: Saint Narcissus, martyr is celebrated on January 2, September 17 and October 31 and Saint Narcissus, bishop and martyr on March 18.

Variant of Narcissus

Daffodil variants Narsis;female: Narcissa.

Daffodil in other languages:

  • Catalan: Narcís.
  • French: Narcisse.
  • English: Narcissus.
  • Italian: Daffodil.

Famous, famous historical figures by the name of Narcissus

  • DaffodilAccording to Greek mythology he was a young man of great beauty; son of Cefiso and Liríope; whom Nemesis daughter of revenge punishes. This makes Narcissus fall in love with his own image reflected in a fountain. Absorbed and unable to move away from his image, he throws himself into the water; in the place where it falls grows a very beautiful flower called Narcissus.
  • Narcissus Tome, one of the most outstanding Spanish sculptors and painters of the Spanish Baroque; his most significant work is the "Transparent of the Cathedral of Toledo".
  • Narciso Yepes, was born in Murcia in 1927, an outstanding guitarist and composer of his specialty.

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