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Johannes Kepler (1571-1630), key man in the scientific revolution, most of us know this German astronomer and mathematician for his Laws on the motion of the planets in their orbit around the sun. Today are his famous quotes that we present to you.

Kepler Quotes:

  • I prefer the harshest criticism from an intelligent man to the thoughtless approval of the great mass.
  • Where there is matter there is geometry.
  • The sight must learn from reason.
  • The industrial advantages derived from the economic principle of the division of labor are great, but by it the work of man has been deprived of soul and life.
  • Astronomy is part of physics.
  • The further man advances in penetrating the secrets of nature, the better the universality of the eternal plane is discovered.
  • My intention is to show that the celestial machine is not like a divine being, but like a clock.

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