8 DIY summer activities for kids

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Fun summer games for kids

With the summer come the school holidays and the children have a lot of free time and want to enjoy and have a good time, in addition the good weather accompanies them to do outdoor activities.

I have compiled some ideas with activities and games to do with family or friends that can serve as inspiration for these days.

To enjoy…

1. Pass the water

For this activity you only need a few large glasses or plastic buckets and water. You can have a team competition and put a large bucket at the end to measure the total water that comes from each team.

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2. Home sprinkler

With a hose, a plastic bottle with holes and a little multipurpose tape you can make this homemade sprinkler with which they will have a great time.

Seen at: makingmemorieswhityourkids.blogspot.com

3. Aim game

With cardboard or plastic fabrics you can make fun games to sharpen your aim.

Seen at: missyballance.typepad.com

Seen at: Spoonfull

4. Racing cars (or balls, or marbles)

Cut a pool churro in half and you will have a great slide for racing, you can also use cardboard boxes a little inclined

Seen at: ramblingsfromutopia.com

5. Obstacle race

For this activity you only need a little rope or thread, it is recommended that it be elastic rope so that they do not hurt themselves.

Seen on: ashleyannphotography.com

6. Waterbed

To make the waterbed you need a large plastic bag (the kind used to put under laminate flooring), multipurpose tape to seal it so that the water does not come out and a hose.

Seen at: clumsycrafter.com

7. Water battles (with balloons or sponges)

You need balloons or sponges and water. To make it more fun you can make a giant slingshot like the one in the photo.

Seen at: www.howdoesshe.com

8. Water slide

To make the water slide you need a large plastic, water and voila

Happy day!

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