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Luxury accommodation and gourmet restaurants in the Lake District- England-.

In addition to being one of the most magical places in England, in this area you can enjoy some exceptional Relais & Chateaux hotels.

Best Hotels in the Lake District

In this area there are three Relais & Chateaux of which we can give an overview of two of them that we have recently visited. In this list of most notable hotels, we will add a third non-integrated among the Relais & Chateaux.

Sharrow Bay Country House Hotel

It is one of the Relais & Chateaux. Distinguished, elegant and in a setting with exceptional views, nestled on the shore of Lake Ullswater. Its cuisine is recognized with a Michelin star.

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Farlam Hall Hotel

Farlam Hall Hotel, another of the Relais & Chateaux. Family service, comfortable rooms, attractive garden, located in the north of the lakes in very beautiful surroundings. Its cuisine, without a Michelin star, is superb, with a high reputation and very well focused on its execution and quality.

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Linthwaite House Hotel

Linthwaite House Hotel, it is not integrated between the Relais & Chateaux, but the attractiveness of the hotel makes it a creditor of some of the characteristics of this type of hotel (location, views, surroundings, building); His cooking and service, although very willful, is less professional and with acceptable results.

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Gilpin Lodge Country House

Photo: Booking

We cannot give a direct review of this third Relais & Chateaux, also in the surroundings of Lake Windermere.

Another more affordable accommodation option

If these hotels are too far from your budget, there are other hotels with cheaper prices, and in this area you can also find campsites (there are beautiful places enabled for camping) and the Bed and Breakfast formula. In both cases the possibilities are enormous and subject to the multitude of activities and itineraries that can be traced in this area.

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