Preparing my first ten thousand

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Honestly, I've never been a good runner. And so it happens: when I take my shoes I start jumping like goats ... and bang! The pains appear.

Just now exactly two weeks ago I finished recovering from an injury to the Achilles tendon (or calcaneal tendon, which I have had the decency to look up in Wikipedia) for demanding more of myself than I should. So I said to myself: "up to here." And I set myself a challenge: to get to full performance at the Alicante popular race in December 2014. It will be the VI San Silvestre Alicante, a 5 km popular race that takes place in the center of the city.

The idea is to increase the workload little by little, leaving time to recover, taking care of the diet, reading forums for starters ... The challenge is to reach that date being able to do a more than worthy time in 10 km, and maybe in 2020 I challenged my friends to a popular race at that distance.

In this blog I will post the progress that I am making, as well as the result of all the training sessions. More like personal motivation than anything else, but in case it helps someone… go for it.

Here I leave some data as a starting point.

Preparation start date: August 1, 2014.

Age: 29 years

Height: 1,80

Weight: 79,5

Pulsations (rest): 60 per minute.

Sneakers: Asics GT-2170

First week of training:

August 2nd:

Training: along the roads of Villarrobledo, with my friends Juanfri and Kiko, with a final slope of the devil that almost cost us our health. It was 6 kilometers, but I accidentally stopped the clock before time, that's why 5.20 appear 🙁

War party:Hip pain and a lot of strain on the calves. But even so, to be the first fire after tendinitis, surpassed with a note 🙂

Music during training: Editors + Izal.

August 4th:

30 minutes of stationary bike and some stretching, to recover a little, especially the calves, which had them somewhat loaded.

August 7th:

Training: Monte Tossal circuit (Alicante), by myself. Somewhat faster because of the flat terrain, it even allowed me to make changes of pace. Despite the excessive humidity, something normal in August in Alicante, I finished quite well.

War party: some strain on the calves when finished, but recovered in 24 hours.

Let's see how about next week 🙂

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